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R33 Ducted Headlight


Our R33 Skyline ducted headlight fits most models of R33 Skyline including Series 1 GTS and GTS-25t and all models of R33 GT-R. The ducted headlight bolts in and comes with all brackets required. Please note that due to various different headlight arrangements and plugs during the R33 life cycle, we do not provide the headlight with a plug. The park/headlight comes with spade terminals on the end of the wires so you can easily wire it up how you wish, although many cars accept the spade terminals into the factory headlight plug on the body loom. To off set this, we have reduced the pricing of this headlight from what it was originally set to be priced at.

We can provide the headlight in raw fibreglass or have it painted for you before delivery in any factory colour (excluding Midnight Purple colours) for an additional $150 ex-GST. Please put the factory colour you want and paint code into the notes on check out.

It is also available in carbon fibre by order only. Orders take approximately 4 weeks to arrive from our office once ordered. The cost is an additional $180 ex-GST

**Please note that how long your order will take to arrive will depend on where in the production cycle you order. If we have one in stock, it will be sent out within 48 hours, however, if we don't have any in stock then then the wait could be up to three weeks for the next batch to arrive in our office. Having the headlight painted will also add 3-4 days to the time taken to send out the headlight.