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Motive DVD #17


Motive 17 is filled to the brim with action! It has something for everyone with a diverse line-up of cars, events and action!

Track Battle - Barbagallo Raceway, WA
SAU Nationals 2012 - Circuit, runway drags and car show
Powercruise 38 - Barbagallo Raceway, WA
Jamboree 22 - World records tumble!
Powercruise 37 - Queensland Raceway
Antilag Cruise - Perth, WA
Back in Black - Subaru WRX STi
Form and Function - Widebody 300kW Evo
Performance West GT-R - Driftin', Powerskiddin' RWD R35
White Knight - US drag-spec Evo
Motive Garage - JET200 Profab and CRD
Motive Garage - R32 GT-R Brake and power upgrade
JET200 Story - Racing at SAU Nationals
Matt Powers - Mystical Oz adventure